About us

Mind Rocket Interactive started in 2014 based on the premise that well crafted training and communication enables our customers to revolutionize their business. Our products and services are meticulously crafted to create stronger connections between organizations and their employees and customers.  Our passion with innovation and our diverse professional background (Film Industry, Marketing, and Instructional Design) combine to offer the ultimate content which drives deeper engagement, learning, and desired behaviors.



Our Vision

We believe in changing the way companies educate and inspire action in customers and employees. We do this through our engaging, relevant, response-provoking, and interactive eLearning and videos.

Our Customers

GD Biosciences, Union Bank, Philips, First PacTrust, Hyundai, NuStar Energy, and Regal Entertainment Group are a few names, among other innovators who have taken the step to successfully transform their communication, learning, and customer experience strategies with our services; The results show shortened sales cycles, learning curves, and increased communication effectiveness.



Our Process

Step 1. Let’s Talk

Step 2. Problem Solve and Determine Direction

Step 3. Execute and Check-In Regularly

Step 4. Delivery